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Sun Potion

Prash - Tonic Ambrosia


Clear Skin Immunity Increased Sex Drive Mood Enhancing Vibrant Hair

In Ayurveda, one of the most delightful aspects of the ancient Indian healing system is that one of the required tastes is sweet, and it must be added to every meal. Sun Potion’s Prash is a continuation of a traditional Ayurvedic herbal preparation called Chyawanprash. It’s a blend of Mucuna Pruriens (mood enhancing), Ashwagandha (immune support), Rhodiola (promotes focus and stamina), Astralagus (blood builder), Pine Pollen (aphrodisiac), He Shou Wu (beautiful hair and skin) and more. It’s then mixed with organic grass-fed biodynamic Ghee and Wildflower Honey - which serve to help the body absorb the healing qualities of the herbs. Just thinking about it makes us salivate! 144g/5oz

Gluten Free and Vegan.


Prash can be enjoyed with your morning toast or tea, or how we do it at STAE - by the spoonful!


Raw Wildflower Honey, Biodynamic Ghee, Organic Mucuna Pruriens Extract, Organic Ashwagandha Extract, Wildcrafted Rhodiola Extract, Wildcrafted Astragalus Extract, Wildcrafted He Shou Wu Extract, Wildcrafted Eucommia Bark, Wildcrafted Pine Pollen and Wildcrafted Polyrachis Ant

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