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Ceremonial Matcha


Fight Fatigue Increased Energy

Caffeine is not always your friend. But we also live in a world where sometimes we work 14 hour days. Balance is key. And ritual is important, especially at 6am. Our sustainably sourced ceremonial grade matcha and full of antioxidants. It increases cognitive ability and clarity, plus L-Theanine works with caffeine to sustain energy and focus throughout the day.  40g/1.4oz

Gluten Free and Vegan.


1. Use a scoop to add matcha to a bowl. Use 3 scoops for thick tea (koicha), 2 scoops for thin tea (usucha).

2. Break up the matcha by pressing a bamboo whisk (chasen) down on the powder.

3. Slowly pour hot (not boiling) water (70-80C / 158-176F) over the matcha. 45ml for koicha and 75ml for usucha.

4. Use the chasen to whisk the mixture, passing it vigorously through the bowl in an 'M' pattern to produce a froth layer.

5. Gently drag the chasen across the surface to pop any larger bubbles to leave a consistently smooth and creamy layer.


100% Ceremonial Grade Matcha

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