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Our Mission

STAE | Conscious Beauty is a wholistic beauty boutique created for the health-conscious seeker.

Geraldine Paz, a Venezuelan New Yorker, launched STAE | Conscious Beauty to curate products to balance your body and skin both inside and out. STAE | Conscious Beauty showcases carefully chosen creams, oils and beauty products as well as lines of mineral bath salts, natural deodorants, ingestibles like matcha, adaptogens and CBD oils.

STAE is a careful curation of items that lead to total body wellness which make us feel our most beautiful.

Clean and real beauty is our passion and clean products are products that use real ingredients. Our products are clean, organic, natural and focused on making you your most balanced. Our sumptuous products use only high quality, organic ingredients to help you achieve whole body beauty

We are rooted in ritual to balance our bodies from the inside out. We believe that our beauty comes from finding that balance and ritual devotion to our well-being.

At STAE we are committed to providing you with an ethically-minded beauty and wellness experience.

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