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Agent Nateur

Agent Nateur is the go-to clean deodorant line for those in the know. Founded in LA by Jena Covello after being diagnosed with endometriosis, the line makes a stylish non-toxic deodorant. Jena combed the market for a non-toxic, aluminum-free and effective deodorant and came up nil. So she started by experimenting in her kitchen and soon expanded production to Grasse and Paris.


Ernest Supplies

Founded in New York City by a group of professionals who gave up their careers to create a “skin care for all” line of products that harness scientific advances in organic botanical beauty products. They use premium plants whose natural benefits are enhanced by the rigor of science. From the simple ingredients to the utilitarian packaging, Ernest Supplies covers the basics: cleansing, shaving and moisturizing.


Everyday Oil

Years ago Emma Allen read the labels on her beauty products and did not like what she saw. She got rid of her chemical laden products and made the switch to botanical oils and creams. She wasn’t satisfied, so she set out to produce her own oil. Everyday Oil is the result of much trial and error: a single bottle contains a wealth of natural ingredients that deeply cleanse, hydrate and protect the skin. Everyday Oil is for clean-beauty junkies who passionate about keeping it simple.



FEM is dedicated to the idea that motherhood is a great adventure and its equipment must reflect that with individuality. While function is the guiding star, fashion is the focus. Raised in the colorful shorelines of the Mediterranean, Roberta (from Italy) and Murcia (from Spain) started FEM after deciding they had to brighten up baby accessories while honoring each woman’s style. As mothers themselves, they knew the daunting challenge of packing exactly how much baby gear one needed to leave the house, even on a small errand. They wanted a unique take on diaper bags. Many of their products are hand-made in Italy; and all their materials are lovingly sourced from the world’s best artisans.


Grown Alchemist

Grown Alchemist is on the cutting edge of organic skin, body, and hair care formulations. Their Aussie brand of quirkiness belies the educated hard work behind a line that can turn casual consumers into life-long devotees. The thoroughness of their line is impressive: cleansers, toners, exfoliators, and hand creams. The ingredients are sourced from mountaintops to the deepest sea. Elastin-boosting, age-repairing, collagen-building, and line-relaxing facial formulae prove that skin transformation on a cellular level can be had without a single chemical. 


House of Matcha

House of Matcha is the name of a Japanese tea used for 800 years in the finest tea ceremonies; it is now a daily ritual for millions around the world. It will make a believer of you, as it did the three friends who created the House of Matcha brand in order to bring this long-revered Japanese tea to the West and unite a community around the knowledge of Matcha Tea and its ability to enable healthier and more meaningful lives. 



Immunocologie founder Karen Ballou worked in the skincare industry for 30 years, until she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She decided to support her medical treatment by creating a way of life that eschewed chemicals in everything from food to toothpaste, with particular attention on unguents for the skin, our largest organ. Immunocologie is not just a brand, it’s a philosophy and enlightened business model whose products revolutionize skincare, working wonders on your skin without causing harm to the mind or body.


Kjaer Weis

Kirsten Kjaer Weis is a Danish-born, New York-based makeup artist, who couldn’t understand why the well-cared for skin of the celebrities and models she worked on consistently broke out. She concluded that the conventional makeup she used was the culprit. Kirsten decided to do the research to develop her own line of makeup made with high-quality natural materials instead of chemicals. Before long, she created her own brand of perfectly blended products with exacting standards. Her guiding principles are very Nordic: simple but not plain. Beautiful but always genuine. Kjaer Weis is the go-to brand for luxury clean makeup.



Kosås was founded in 2015 by Sheena Yaitanes, a Los Angelena. Growing up, Sheena’s mother worked at two well-known skincare companies and encouraged Sheena’s fascination with the art of color and the science of mixing it. Sheena became an expert on the manufacture of lipsticks, pressed powder, and liquid makeup, approaching the creation of hues for all skin shades with the inventiveness of an artist. Kosås comes from the philosophy of the five interconnected layers, or “kosas” of the self: the physical, energetic, mental, intellectual, and soul. 



A line of fabulously flavored and totally natural toothpastes so glamorous it’s sold in only the most high-end shops. Lebon’s founders and creators, husband and wife team Stephanie and Richard Le Bon, are widely travelled and passionate nature lovers. They operate out of Grasse, France, the perfume capital of the world, and their products reflect the places they’ve visited and their aesthetics of beauty. The toothpaste is mixed with perfumed natural ingredients carefully curated by Stephanie and Richard to bring you a one-of-a-kind freshness.



Founder Jenna Levine had an odd childhood hobby: making edible facemasks from natural ingredients in her mother’s kitchen. Her passion for the art and science of natural skincare only grew as she did. Jenna believes that how we treat our bodies is expressed in the health of our skin and conversely what we put on our skin affects our inner health. It’s all about balance. Named after Swedish botanist Carl Von Linné, this systematic line is simple, clean and radically transparent, right down to the clear packaging. All ingredients are listed with explanations of their purposes in a botanical index, and locally sourced; their freshness is so important to LINNÉ that use-by dates are marked on each product.


Lord Jones

Lord Jones is a high-end manufacturer of the world's finest cannabis-infused products. Sourced from California’s mountain hemp farms, the ingredients are organic, natural and delicious. Most importantly, these carefully crafted products deliver what they promise. The therapeutic value of their Hemp-derived, non-psychoactive CBD-rich lotions, gumdrops and chocolates are excellent for those who suffer from chronic, anxiety, insomnia, skin problems and more. Lord Jones’ Pain & Wellness formula topicals have been developed by a veteran team of personal care experts to deliver full-spectrum whole plant medicine that provides relief from pain, inflammation and a variety of skin conditions. This is luxury medicine with no side effects, just pure healing.



Pursoma is all about benefits of wellness through serious detoxification. In 2014, Vaughan, a student of the science of healing, set off to source the purest and most potent detox beauty ingredients in the world. Pursoma’s line of targeted healing crystals, spices, seaweed, botanicals, minerals, and clays make your bath a sacred space. There are formulas specifically aimed at, for example, muscle aches, foot pain, tech-fatigue, jet-lag, and flu. These scientifically and Ayurvedic-based bath salts work a treat after a long week.



Three generations of Italian herbalists led to the creating of Radice. Current owner and herbalist of Radice, Jasmine Urzia was brought up in Tuscany around the natural bounty of that area and the pots of hand-made creams mixed by her grandmother, a pharmacist by profession. She instilled in her grand-daughter a life-long desire to work in the health and wellness business. Jasmine spent years studying natural pharmaceuticals and working as an herbalist. She uses ancient Italian recipes and ingredients (some from her grandmother's garden) – from rosemary to salvia (sage), to Tuscan lavender, helichrysum italicum, juniper, thyme, and St. John’s wort – in order to create, every year, a small, intimate batch of Radice masks and creams that refresh, cleanse, soothe and regenerate skin. The packaging and wood-cuts used on the website are beautifully timeless and redolent of old Italy.


Shiva Rose

Based on Ayurvedic tradition, Persian beauty regimes, a career in film, and a serious illness, Shiva Rose beauty and health products are a life force unto themselves. Just scrolling through the website elevates your spirits and feeds your soul. Iranian-born actress, mom and beauty guru Shiva Rose’s devotion to a clean, happy life came through a dark channel of illness. At a certain point in her recovery she was able to start detoxing her beauty routine, diet, and lifestyle, diving into Kundalini yoga and daily meditation. Shiva Rose herself has a gorgeous spirit that shines through each of her wondrously rich products that aim not just for unearthly potency in skincare and beauty products, but to awaken the mystic in us all. Made with ingredients like Neem Ail (a staple of Ayurvedic tradition), Clary Sage, and other potent botanicals and oils, her scrubs, butters, oils and more are sexy, super-effective, transformative and of course, beautiful.


Soleil Toujours

It’s time to step back into the sun, thanks to Soleil Toujours, whose goal is safe sun for everyone. In just a couple of generations, sunbathing went from being a beauty regime that left a glowing tan, to the craze of sunbeds, to being Public Enemy Number One of skin health and graceful aging. We took heed and began slathering SPF sunscreens on every exposed part of our body, ignoring the harmful ingredients in most creams, such as parabens, oxybenzone, and retinyl palmitate, to name a few. It is estimated that 80-percent of premature aging is caused by sun exposure. But the founder of Soleil Toujours chose not to demonize the sun, but upgrade sunscreens, creating broad-spectrum UV protection combined with enriching antioxidants and anti-aging active ingredients. Soleil Toujours continues to improve its cutting-edge formulations, curated from the world’s finest, safest, naturally based and organic ingredients.


Sun Potion

Santa Barbara-based creator of Sun Potion Scott Linde has had a life-long passion for vigorous health that inspired him to make his own uniquely sourced and powerful natural supplement. There was no master plan to grow a business, he simply wanted the best for his health. Scott traveled the globe to track the highest quality tonic herbs, algae, greens, and mushrooms on earth. Sun Potion’s formula contains the earth’s best treasures; its health-supporting powders contain powerful blends of medicinal plants, adaptogenic mushrooms, nutrient-packed algae, as well as other superfoods. Mixed into any food or drink you wish; you’ll soon radiate higher energy, more beautiful skin, brighter eyes, and sharper mental faculties. Sun Potion makes the highest quality supplement powders available to all in single-ingredient, pure powder, and whole food form.  


The Beauty Chef

The Beauty Chef was founded by Australian Carla Oates in her Bondi Beach kitchen. She first discovered how food affects health in a childhood marred by painful eczema and allergies. At age 12, she created a diet that healed both conditions. As a beauty editor, Carla had a front row seat observing the dark side of the industry: dodgy chemicals, wild claims, and animal testing. She started to work with organic fermented foods to create formulas of all-natural, hypoallergenic, and healing food supplements. The Beauty Chef produces a line of inner beauty products for radiant skin and digestive energy, as well as a budding line of outer skincare items to protect and showcase that skin. All goods are a blend of Certified Organic, nutrient-dense whole food ingredients, prebiotics and probiotics, all scientifically-formulated to fortify skin on the inside and out.


The Nue Co.

Based in Cambridge, England and hewing to Danish principles of simplicity and creativity, the Nue Co. produces health-support powders that are clean and potent, using responsibly sourced, high-quality organic ingredients. For two decades the Nue Co.’s lab has formulated and perfected supplements that boost energy, optimize digestion, and maintain radiantly healthy skin. The only true first step in all beauty regimes is a highly-functioning body. A good diet and exercise are necessary, of course, and a teaspoon of Nue Co.’s powders blended into a smoothie, a cup of tea, or nut milk balances your gut - essential to overall health. The Nue Co.’s products really up the game, and with daily use, provide long-lasting improvements in your well-being. The powders contain no fillers, binders, or synthetic preservatives, only carefully-conceived and executed gut-balancing prebiotics and probiotics.



Victorine is a woman for all seasons: philosophical and iconoclastic, a vibrant purveyor of true well-being and ethical business practices whose products are reflections of their creator. Victorine Deych is a New York City-based champion of innovation in matters of well-being, beauty, and lifestyle. Her holistic vision of what goes into elevating health and happiness is expressed in her belief that, “It all comes back to Mother Nature,” who must find it irreverently refreshing that one of her devotees named a line of luxury oils Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll. Victorine’s oils and scents reflect her education and expertise (she holds a holistic nutrition degree). Her botanical perfumes are designed to be aromatic, sensuous and fun. According to Victorine, the healing properties of oils are accessed through the sense of smell, which has the power to elevate and energize one’s spirits.


Voyage et Cie

Just as the sense of smell itself is, Voyage et Cie is a very personal, individual brand. Started in 2004, it is the brainchild of Melanie Apple, a widely-traveled and educated woman who fell in love with France while studying art in Cannes and Paris. She became aware that many French people—both male and female—often have a “signature scent” that maintains a continuity of self-identification throughout their lives. They may even have an individual scent blended just for themselves, honoring moments and places in their lives with a personal scent that keeps these memories green. Melanie Apple perceived the depth of the European relationship to the sense of smell, and she used her understanding of art and culture to curate aromas drawn from fragrant flowers, plants, fruits, the complicated mix of forest smells, and so many other notes that we carry as memories of times past. As with all of her scents, her candle collection is well-laced with original blends of the finest products and the recognition of that briefest whiff that can set off a powerful emotional reaction.


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