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Between travel for work and play, dehydrating plane journeys, and even the morning commute – we don’t always have time to look after ourselves. Self-love is the cornerstone for a solid foundation of wellness. At STAE, we’ve found that it’s unnecessary to over-complicate rituals—in fact, simplicity is the key to longevity. Looking inward is a radical way to be effective in the world. Use our guide to create a self-love ritual for yourself.


In Ayurveda, Abahyanga is a therapeutic self-massage improving blood circulation. It also detoxifies your largest organ – the skin. It’s a simple way to really get familiar with your body and create self-love. Here is a gentle guide to making it work for you – incorporate any or all of these steps to get that self-love glow:

Brush Up - Take Pursoma’s Dry Jute Brush to dry brush in an upward motion from your feet to your chest (make sure you don’t go above your heart). 

Oil Massage - Then massage your body with Shiva Rose Nectar Body Oil, $22. If you’re feeling brave: jump in a cold shower for 3-7 minutes. A timer can help keep this bearable, since there is an end in sight. It’s an effective way to flush out your organs and give you glowing skin.

Detoxify - Take a warm bath using Pursoma’s Digital Detox Bath to not only take a vacation from your phone but drop into your body and allow the toxins to melt away.

Practice these simple steps of self-love for increased sanity. Rest, Replenish. Appreciate.

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