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At STAE our aim is to provide our clients with easy guides and clear steps to implement clean beauty rituals into their beauty routines without too much hassle. It can be a daunting task to consider making the switch to a non-toxic beauty routine – and we are aware of the fact that it can be completely confusing. 

Non-toxic? Clean? Organic? All-natural? Chemical-free? What does it all mean? Well, we’ve done the footwork so you don’t have to – our carefully selected products are synonymous with sustainable luxury. You can rest assured that any product you buy from us: whether it’s an exfoliator, a cleanser, a lipstick or blush, is a conscious purchase. Meaning it’s not only good for contributing to wholeness, it’s also promoting and supporting sustainability. 

Part of why we love clean beauty so much is that we feel like we are part of a greater movement of conscious consumers who have had the crazy idea to attempt to consume less and be sustainable in all areas of our lives. With this in mind, we’ve created clean beauty kit—full essentials for summer–but it won’t overcomplicate your life, weigh down your bag, or feel like an untenable routine.

At STAE we are about realistic ritual. The fact is: it’s not realistic to adhere to a beauty routine that takes 2 hours everyday, when many of us barely have 20 minutes. With this custom made kit, we’re providing you with a 5 step routine—which don’t have to be done in order or even at the same time of day! Here’s how:


How good is a cleanser that doubles and triples as an exfoliator and a mask?! We love the LINNÉ SCRUB because we can use it as our daily cleanser and use the same bottle for a Sunday self-care ritual, when we have the time to put a mask on for 10 minutes. It’s also perfect for travel when our skin really needs that weekly mask, but we never had the option to pack more than just our cleanser. Those days are gone, ritual travels everywhere with us now. 

MOISTURIZE | Everyday Oil All Over Oil

We love the simple practicality of this luxurious oil – that smells beyond delicious. Like the name suggest, use this oil all over for shimmering limbs and shiny hair. After a day at the beach, it will soothe the skin and deepen your tan for a natural glow.

DIGEST | The Beauty Chef Glow Sachets 

Over the summer months, since we’re usually so much more social than during the winter, it’s easy to indulge a bit more. Carry The Beauty Chef Glow Sachets with you anywhere you go to give your digestion the boost it needs to process all those glasses Frozé you enjoyed by the pool.


CLEANSE | Shiva Rose Pearl Milk Cleanser

Cleansers are the mainstay of our routine, and our edit would not be complete with out it. It’s light and the complex mix of botanical ingredients are so healing –it’s perfect for summer, when we’re getting more sun than usual and need some extra loving care.


PROTECT | Soleil Toujours SPF 45 Soleil Du Midi Mineral Sunscreen  

We use sunscreen year round but during the summer months we get out the big guns for protection from powerful UV rays. Soleil Toujours SPF 45 Soleil Du Midi Mineral Sunscreen is our go-to and it fits so nicely in a carry-on for weekend getaways – with none of the nasties you might find in other sunscreens.


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