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Self Love & Ritual With Heather Lilleston and Jenna Levine

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Jenna Levine, Geraldine Paz and Heather Lilleston at our event

We’re extremely fortunate that at STAE we get to be part of a larger network of individuals who work to bring natural beauty and wellness to the mainstream conversation. We recently sat down at our home base at The Maiyet Collective to talk about ritual and routine with two women who embody our personal philosophy and are proverbial cowboys in the wellness space. Heather Lilleston founded Yoga For Bad People out of desire to be more pragmatic about one’s own practice the main ingredient she adheres to in running her retreats is fun - and never taking herself too seriously. Jenna Levine is passionate about the science of plants, and from this started her skincare line LINNÉ to source the best possible products with the most luxurious ingredients available. They joined us for a conversation around self-love and self-care and how that ties into one’s beauty routine. 

Heather started the evening off with a guided meditation for the crowd, which we would recommend doing at the beginning of any kind of lecture—it grounds the audience in a way that near guarantees total focus.  Dirty Lemon provided the drinks for the evening, and she opened the meditation by comparing our mind to a “dirty lemon” – which is such an accurate description of the confused fog that our brains can so often be in (and the oh-so-clever vernacular that YFBP has always employed so well).

Our LINNÉ product lineup looking beautiful at Maiyet

Heather talked about relationship between lifestyle and beauty, and her definition of inner and outer beauty. She said “I thought the topic of inner and outer beauty is an important one to bring up because for me, I spend so much time on outer beauty, and I forget sometimes as a yoga teacher that I have all these tools for inner beauty. There is a connection between the things that feed our inner world and how that reflects out.”

She talked about moving 10 times when she lived in New York—which any New Yorker can identify with—and having to constantly look in her bathroom cabinet and wonder why she had so many products. Over the past couple of years, due to a change of lifestyle and travelling so often, Heather simplified her routine (and switched to using LINNÉ product in the process). She continued: “That has allowed a certain ritual to come in that’s very similar to the ritual of meditation and the ritual of daily asana and even just the way that the inner mind shifts when I hear a really elevated speaker like Pema Chodron speaking, it’s like a boon to inner beauty.”

Picking up where Heather left off, Jenna said “I like what you’ve also been mentioning about these conversations too, it’s not because we’ve done something wrong, it’s not because we’re ugly or have imperfections, it’s because we’re deserving of this reset and cleansing. I know that running around as a New Yorker all day, when I get to wash my face at the end of the day--it’s that symbolic 'ah! Take the day off.’ And that’s that meditative practice too. Yes, maybe you were bitchy at some point or whatever, but it’s the kind of recognition of that and tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully, just like meditation practices, good skin care practices do create that slow shift in our radiance inward and outward.”

Jenna Levine of LINNE and our founder Geraldine Paz in conversation

You can find out more about LINNÉ and the intricate process Jenna uses for her products here. For Heather's upcoming dreamy retreats, check out Yoga For Bad People. 


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